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Thanks for your help. I've been using 10dollarpayroll for several years now and I think you guys are doing a great job.

Victor W, MBA, ChFC, CFP     06/03/2015

Thank you very much for e-filing the 1099S. I am glad you did it because your 1099 e-file is timely until 3/31, while the client’s recent paper filing was late on 2/28.

Mike B.  CPA 

Okeydokie Thanks for the super quick reply !

Russell FPC

Went to do this today and found it had already been e-filed, thank you! I appreciate your service very much!

-Kim   RCA

thank you for a very clear explanation of the matter !!!

Dr. Marcel E.    07/14/2015

Thanks a lot, that was so much easier  Have a good night!

Ming Z  GRN    07/16/2015

I was very happy with the process to create my payroll for Q1 and plan to continue service.

Kind regards, Donna L   03/21/2015

Everything is accurate. Thank you so much. Please efile the last quarter payroll and annual FUTA as described .

You guys are the best.



Jeff Y             01/05/2014

I find your customer service excellent.




Sorry for the oversight it is a pleasure to work with you

Debra T.    HP  06//03/2015

Thank you for the prompt response and taking care of it so quickly. 

Viet T

TASI    06/22/2015

Thank-you appreciate it. This is very well written and I believe will serve the purpose.


Thanks again.


This is perfect, thanks,

Kamran    07/23/2015

Thank you very much for all your help. It is very nice.
Thanks again ERIK  EP