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Incorporation Service for
ALL 50 States ONLY $99
Thank you for your interest in our incorporation service. We strive to provide quality service to each and every client of ours.

In addition to Incorporating, our fees include:

  • Filling out various permits & licenses for City & State
  • Filling our Statement of Domestic Stock
  • Obtaining Federal ID Number
  • S-Corp Election

Our fees DO NOT include fees charged by governmental agencies, including but not limited to the minimum tax of $800 that you will be required to pay the Franchise Tax Board after the 1st year in business. (There is no fees in the 1st year if the business has no net income: if it does, then it is at 1.5% of net income). Also, we will not issue the stock certificates to you or to the state, as that will be your company’s internal affairs.

We have strived to maintain Incorporation fees at a minimum in order to get you started on your business. Our main goal is to be your right hand in accounting and tax decision making, and business planning and consulting and we seek to establish a long-term relationship.

Your Incorporation Fees will be as follows:
$115    Secretary of State Fee
160     Corporate Kit
99       Our Fee - (Only if you use our account or tax service)
$374    (Total is $475 if you do not wish to use our service)
Please note that we offer our service at a discounted rate in order to create long-term accounting / tax clients. A $475 deposit is required to begin incorporation process. Once your company has been incorporated, the additional $101 from the $475 will apply to your future accounting or tax service with us.

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