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Workers Compensation Pay As you Go: State laws require employers to carry workers compensation insurance for injured workers. You may contact you own insurance broker for coverage. We are not an insurance company and do not carry workers comp ourselves but we do have a referral system whereby a workers comp administrator tries to get the best quote from different carriers and then sets up a Pay As you Go Premium payment system through our payroll system. Once setup, the W/C administrator charges a fee directly to you of $10 per month plus $58 annual fee for workers comp which is in addition to the premiums you pay and off course our payroll processing fees are separate than this. Please note that we derive a very small commission from the administrator but we recommend that you save these administrative fees and ask your own broker for a quote. If you are interested in a workers comp. administrator to contact you for you to compare the rates with your own broker, then type "workers comp quote" in the below box and we'll inform the administrator to contact you.

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