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Business Management



RELAX AND LET US HANDLE YOUR STRESS!  Transparent reporting to you on all your finances while you concentrate on doing what you do best.

Under the business management plan, we will manage your life and business plus we will give you quantifiable analysis of your business or your career.  We are conservatively oriented and we focus on helping you save for your future.  Whether you are in the Entertainment Industry, the Medical Industry, Real Estate or a business professional, when you sign up for a Business Management program, we would start managing so you can concentrate on what you do best.  We start by doing the basic record keeping and reporting to see where you are and what you are spending and customizing financial plans to your lifestyle.  Then we add optional services such as Bill-Pay and management, collections from your clients, and actually managing your business or career. Clients will be worried-free and shift all their stress to us

In addition, the Business Management Plan includes a CPA Compiled financial statements and the special service of the Basic Bookkeeping Plan. Clients. We will give you an analysis of your business performance, your break-even point, your sales, your profit, or cost structure, and so on…

Service you will Receive under the Business Management Program:

  Ø       Management of your business and lifestyle including but not limited to suggestions on buying liability insurance to protect your assets and Consultation services such as financial ramifications of choosing between different business choices, keeping track of your records and finances and the like.   Analysis of your business performance, your break-even point, your contribution margins.  Analysis of sales, profit and cost structure. 


Ø       Optional features such as bill payment and keeping track of accounts payables of your vendors, booking events, keeping track of your schedules, calculations of amounts receivable and collections from customers and the like.


We will include all the accounting, tax, and payroll functions in the Business Management Plan. The services to be performed for your organization is included, but is not limited to the following:


Ø       Monthly CPA Compiled Financial Statement signed by a CPA practicing in California, Including:

»       Income Statement

»      Balance Sheet

Ø       Business Management Also Includes:

»      Detailed General Ledger

»       Cash-Flow Statement

»       Quarterly Phone meeting reviewing your financial & tax situation. During the meeting we look at…

 •    The financial setup of your company

 •      Your company’s cost & profit structure

 •     Your company’s entity structure

 •      Your company’s liquidity

 •       Allocation of cost to Dirty Boys Productions

 •       All and any other matters pertaining to the financial health of your organization.

 •       The deductions you can take

 •       Potential tax problems in the future

 •       How to avoid an IRS audit

*       Tax Projections and create a pro-active plan of action based on your circumstances.

Ø       One-on-One Review of your Financial Statements

»       We interpret your statements and explore what they mean to you and your business. This meeting includes detailed trend analysis, so you can see exactly where you’re heading.

Ø       Open Questions and Answers Period

»       Answering any questions you may have about financing

»      Business Valuation

»      Insurance Needs

»       Lease/Buy Analysis

»       Business Structure (C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietor)

Ø       Preparation of Monthly Sales Tax and year end forms 1099-Miscellaneous forms & Business Licenses are included in the business management program.

»       Inquiries to governmental agencies (excludes audits by governmental agencies)

Ø       Tax Consultation

Ø       No Extra fee for Telephone Consultation on business matters, tax matters, or any other matters, arising our of normal operations of the business.  Normal telephone conversations are not charged; however, if the CPA determines that continuously excessive consultation is desired by the client, the CPA may require client to e-mail questions in writing for future explanation by the CPA.

Note:  A signed engagement letter is required which would encompass all the duties, obligation and fees before business management services are rendered.