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Full Time Bookkeeper at a Part-Time Budget.

Virtual Accountant Work done on Quickbooks Online (R)

Monthly Fee $99
work performed Quarterly
work performed Monthly
work performed Weekly
work performed Daily
Additional $50
(with any bookkeeping service)
Transactions per Month (Total number of Disbursements: Checks / credit card disbursements):
Monthly Transactions Limit 60 100 200

(Includes up to 100 invoices plus 100 check payments)
800 (Includes Bill Payment, Invoicing... Everything with a DAILY bookkeeper assigned to you). Plus 10 Hours of "Live Admin Assistant / Secretary" assigned to you. N/A
States All 50 States All 50 States All 50 States All 50 States All 50 States
CPA Supervises Bookkeeper’s Work Monthly Monthly Weekly Daily Monthly
Financial Statements & Other Functions
Income Statement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Break Even / Profitability Analysis...
Balance Sheet & G/L Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payroll - Direct Deposit, Electronic Tax Payment & Filing (R) $10 / month extra $10 / month extra $10 / month extra Included  
Quickbooks Online (R) Included Call for details Call Call Yes  
A/P tracking & Bill Payment     Yes Yes  
A/P - Call Vendors if problems     No Yes  
A/R tracking: Send Invoices, Record Payments Received, Send Overdue Statements       Yes  
A/R - Call Delinquent clients and demand payment       Yes - 10 hours Per month  
Quarterly Phone Appointment
Financial Setup of Company       Yes Yes
Cost & Profit Structure       Yes Yes
Entity Structure       Yes Yes
Liquidity Structure       Yes Yes
Allocation of Cost       Yes Yes
Financial Well-Being       Yes Yes
Taking Deductions       Yes Yes
Future Tax Problems       Yes Yes
How to Avoid IRS Audits       Yes Yes
Tax Projection (Create Pro-active Plan)       Yes Yes
One-on-One Review of your Financial Statements
Business Analysis       Yes Yes
Statement Interpretation       Yes Yes
Open Questions and Answers Period
Financial Questions       Yes Yes
Business Valuation       Yes Yes
Insurance Needs       Yes Yes
Lease/Buy Analysis       Yes Yes
Business Structure (LLC and Corp.)       Yes Yes
Preparation of Monthly Sale Tax       Yes Yes
Preparation for 1099-Misc. Form       Yes Yes
Preparation for Business License       Yes Yes

Virtual Accountant
Quickbooks Online ® and Full Online payroll ® features only included in Weekly and Daily plans

All Work Supervised by a CPA
Our CPA will review your work and make sure that everything is in good orders

4 Easy Steps

  1. Register a plan that best suits you.
  2. Receive registration confirmation with instructions via email.
  3. Forward information to us via US mail or DEDICATED Local Fax Number assigned to you.
  4. Receiving financial report by mail within 15 business days (typically 10 days).

• Payroll Processing – $10 Per Payroll Process (First 30-Day Free)